Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Session #8 Afternoon Diesel Ops Invasion of Friends July 14th, 2018

Let's get back to the train ops in the afternoon of our second day of our annual "Invasion of Friends" weekend.

Remember, Malcolm shot footage on this day which can be viewed by copying the link below into your browser

Also, you recall that Moe took some great drone video footage which can be accessed by copying the link below into your browser.

Diesels are on the menu for the afternoon session.

How about a taste of green and gold?

Or...basic black?

Yellow and blue.

Maroon and cream.

Indeed the colours abound.

As our diesels on the afternoon represent the liveries of many a railroad line.

Moe's at it again.

And...we are so glad he is.

His drone rises above the layout.

To snap incredible images such as this one shared on an earlier post.

Near Craig Leigh.

Moe takes off!

Hmmm, two aviation machines are noticed in this image.

Coming down.

Hovering low.

Snapping the lads from above at Peter's Pond.

Another previously shared image taken from Moe's drone.

Yes, some are still relaxing.

Even though the afternoon ops have already begun.

Not a problem though.

As the PM ops session is a more relaxed version of the AM one.

Doug and I have signed up for Train 302 past midday.

Brian has our consist made up in Ralph Yard.

We climb aboard our CN road switcher.

And begin our journey eastward.

Nearing the interchange tracks in Bell.

We arrive Stuart Yard.

Barry follows behind us with his third run from the morning which he wishes to finish up.  That's my crew mate, Doug, observing as we push a setout for Brunt's Brewery over to the main for Barry to push into the industry for us.  Teamwork among crews is always a good thing!

Out from Bell, Doug and I find ourselves in a location known to this railfan as "The Corners."

Doug and enjoy a little "R&R" as we await our train's passage in "The Corners."

My diesel seems camouflaged against the foliage!

We traverse the rails below Mount St. Helens as a westbound rests on the siding track above in Mount St. Helens.

Barry and his crewmate, another Doug, take Track 4 in Bell in order to gain access to the interchange tracks.

Later, we find them up the Cedar Rock branch.

Much later, they are aboard a new afternoon train, 318, heading east at Spruce.

The sun is high.

And so are our train operators in the euphoria train ops brings!

We say "good-bye" to 318 in Mount St. Helens.

At Craig Leigh, we spot an afternoon run of 301 about to depart Douglas Yard in Craig Leigh.  Paul and Bill will crew this train.

Paul's locomotive idles in the shade.

 Again, in Mount St. Helens.

301 climbs the grade out of Blockhouse.

Rounding the corner at Lilly.

Tiptoeing onto the big bridge.

Awaiting clearance into Nelson Yard.

Ken and Ed take on the roll of Nelson yard operators for the afternoon session.

Ken continues with his Rio Grande diesel wannabe!  Hehehe!

The yard is busy.

But the lads certainly are up to the challenge.

With Ken at the Helm.

Looking good, Ken!

We'll miss Ken and all of our American friends when they depart following the Invasion of Friends.  

Jim and Bill finish up Jim's morning run with Train 314 seen working Ironwood.

A lovely meet of two CN diesel locomotives.

With this westbound occupying the main in Peter's Pond.

Ric keep everything organized in Douglas Yard.

Jim and Doug share a conversation.

Brian continues his work in Ralph Yard.

We continue to follow 302.

The train has arrived Peter's Pond and is making its way up the Cedar Rock Branch.

Back down in Peter's Pond we spot the tail end of the train protected on the main.

302 had previously arrived Nelson Yard and is now Train 312.  Our train holds the throat of the yard as it meets a westbound destined for Glenn Hammond.

Approaching the bridge over the gap.

Through the iron.

Out on the other side.

Rounding Lilly.

Down to Blockhouse.

With work at Blockhouse.

Cool track level shot.

Doug waits as I couple up to our lift.

Pulling out from the siding at Blockhouse.

Later, 302 works Valley Supply in Spruce.

Passing windmill in Ironwood.

Up to Mount St. Helens.

Into Northland.

Outside of Douglas Yard.

Put to bed at the engine house in Craig Leigh.

An RP&M train exits the tunnel in Rat Portage.

Henk works the RP&M train.

Rolling stock review.

Interesting milk car.

Make that two!

Three boxes.

A single dome tankcar.

A triple domed brethren.

The good old Ontario Northland.

Table talk.  Jim, Paul and Doug entertain Lee.

Paul and Bill.

Sue, Moe and Henk chat it up while Steve listens in.

Here's Steve.

My good buddy, Bill.

With Diane.

With Lisa.

Paul has it "made in the shades!"

Ed, Ken and Fred.

The view from across the pond.

Fred, Nicole and Gaetan.

Around the lounge.

Lorraine and Mike bring out some wine to share with the gang.

Superb quality, Mike!

Skipper Bill.

Little me!

If you recall from an earlier posting, this is the shot that Malcolm had taken of me taking a shot of he!

The caboose tells us that it's the tail end of the story for yet another "Invasion of Friends" along the IPP&W and RP&M railroads for yet another year.

A great big note of thanks to Fred!  
It was a great two days of train ops with friends from all over!  That doesn't include the visit of many down to the Finger Lakes Region.  Looking forward to hearing about the fun they enjoyed!
Fred has asked us to mark the date on our calendars for next year's OVGRS Annual Invasion of Friends.  It will take place from Thursday July 19th, 2019 through to Monday, July 22nd, 2019. 
Until next year...may you all enjoy plenty of fun running trains between now and then!
Mike Hamer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada