Monday, September 16, 2019

Session #17 Second Section

We continue our review of this week's session with a glance at Henk checking out his master switch list for all trains.

Train 15 mounts the grade at Watkins and enters flatter land at Bell.

303's crew of Malcolm and Steve continue with their efforts in Ironwood while the two Pauls work Spruce in behind.

A helper on the tail end.

The two Pauls continue in Spruce.

Here he comes!

Here he comes!

Here comes your 19th Nervous Breakdown!
Look, it's a Pat B. fascinator on Bill!
Hehehe!  Great pic lads!

303's power backs onto the train to couple up all of its children.

All gathered up and ready to run!

Malcolm and Steve.


RP&M 65 finds itself on the eastern end of Bell.

Nelson Yard evolves throughout the day.

Lawrence and Brian have returned with Rat 70 and prepare to take out the Bell Turn, Train 67-68.

Looking good fellas.

We have Train 15 along the station track with RP&M 65 on Track 3.

Doug lifts a car from the west house track.

Looking good, there, Doug!

312 arrives Ironwood for a meet with 303.

The "big and the small" of it!

A lovely meet.

I had arrived Nelson Yard earlier in the morning and had to await the arrival of an RP&M train to deliver me the goods for my final train of the morning.

I'm underway eastbound with Train 314.

Pool Train 15 is downgrade out of Rat Portage.

314 approaches the big bridge.

Through the iron.

And...out the other end.

15 reaches the junction.

Admiring the lily of the valley at Lilly.

Chugging along.

Beautiful scenery.

Some black-eyed Susans in the mix.

314 has a lift at Blockhouse.

Let grab it!

Got it.  The business car is placed in front of the caboose.

15 in Glen Hammond.

Fred and Paul enjoy a chat.

Malcolm railfans...

...the meet in Spruce...

...between eastbound 314 and westbound 303.

Following the meet, 303 is cleared out from Spruce to Nelson Yard.

My friend, Sid, checks out Doug's K27 in charge of the Pool Train.

Sid's wife, Jean, admires the trains as they pass by the dispatch booth.

In Ironwood.

Protected against Train 15.

15 meets 314.

Two true beauties.

A nice "going away" shot of Train 15.

I have placed my setout for Windmill on the front of my locomotive and am in the process of backing my train down the siding to gain access to the industrial tracks in Ironwood.

Our final passenger train of the day makes an appearance.

Passenger 1 arrives the outskirts of Ironwood.

Sid admires the locomotive.

15 meets 314.

In the same neck of the woods we find a train emerging from the darkness.

Steve and Malcolm bring 313 into Wellington Lake.

I'm back on my train.  I've held the siding for the meet with Passenger 2  and will now back out of the siding in order to allow 319 access.

319 arrives the siding...

...and I depart.

Ascending the grade into Mount St. Helens.

On my way up to Craig Leigh.

Hi there Bernie!

Bernie has routed me to my destination where 314 terminates.

The sedum in the rust garden is taking on that pink appearance.  This perennial attracts the bees...the good ones!  It's also a great plant to harvest for your indoor layout.

The RP&M crew work the industries in and around Nelson Yard.

Seanna determines the moves.

Sid looks on as Malcolm railfans Steve's train.

George has everything wrapped up in Firgrove.

Malcolm snags that pic of me which I shared in Part One.
As always, we thank Fred for hosting us each Saturday.
Have a great rest of the week everyone!
Mike Hamer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada