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Session #15 Record Breaking Train on the IPP&W

We continue to be blessed with sunny weather on Saturday mornings up here in Ottawa.
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Session #15 was a standard gauge session where a railroad record was broken on this day.
More on that later.  Suffice to say, the image above offers us a clue!

It is really interesting to check out the many configurations of locomotives.

Each one unique in its own way.

Awaiting their duties for the day.

Be those duties freight or passenger service.

They certainly earn their keep on the railroad.

Look-ee-here, would'ya!  Love it!

Our typical pre-ops table session.

We have some guests visiting the railroad from afar.

Welcome, Stacy and Robert!  This lovely couple hails from Montana!

My good buddy, Pete, poses with me.  He is visiting from his home in Nova Scotia.
Tonight, Pete will perform with me on stage for a fund-raiser for a local wheelchair association.

We did perform on the Saturday night and we helped the association raise thirteen thousand dollars that evening as a result of a wheel-a-thon, dinner, raffle draws, 50-50 draws and the dance.  It was a joy performing while able-bodied folks danced with their friends in their motorized wheelchairs.  From left to right, Mark, Pete with his sax, me with my Fender guitar, Richard, Adrienne, Gerry with his bass and my daughter, Alison, with camera off to the right.  Pete, Gerry and I are all model railroaders.

Our OVAR chairman, Greg, also paid a visit to operate.  Great seeing you out, Greg!

Pat, Chris, Doug and Greg in conversation.

Pete and Brian share smiles.

As do Moe and Bernie.

Chris, another amazing musician/singer, always keeps me entertained with those funny looks!

Bob, the electrical genius.

Has a caboose which he has adapted to uncouple with a command from his throttle.

The wiring involved.

Bob's record breaking steam locomotive.

The next few pics were sent from Bernie.  We see a series of tank cars residing beside the engine house in Craig Leigh.

The engine house is a thing of beauty.

Even though the session was narrow gauge, Fred asked me to bring along my road switcher.

Here I am backing it out of my carrying case.

I brought the unit to run it through a turnout that we encountered difficulties with the previous week.  The turnout has been repaired and we wanted to verify if it works well.

Brian, Moe, me, Chris, Doug and Greg share some camaraderie.

Bob turns around to share a smile.

Lawrence drives his locomotive out of its carrying case.

Some lovely rolling stock.

Colourful too.

Bob's locomotive.

Pat and Greg.

Greg and Pat.  
Thanks, Bernie, for sending these great looking pics along my way!

Now to the operations.  Chris and Pete are crewing 302 out of Firgrove bound for Nelson Yard.  In the distance we find them at Mercer Siding with Robert and Stacy checking out the action at the bridge.

Chris and Robert discuss railroad items.

Pete and Stacy discuss the province of Nova Scotia where Pete is from.

The crew is holding in Mercer.  This offers them some time to conduct a locomotive test.

Dispatch has cleared them through the junction.

The crew has contacted Nelson Yard and is able to proceed into yard territory.

Through the junction.

Much later, Pete has 319 arriving Spruce.

319 passes the lovely depot in this location.

With his work done, Pete heads from Spruce downgrade to his final destination of Glen Hammond.

Rounding the big curve.

Brakes are applied.

These two musicians make a handsome crew.

Arriving Nelson Yard limits on the east end.

In the shade.

George has them lined up to enter the yard at Nelson rather than take the track into the Glen.

Greg is having a ball along the right of way!

He and Pat have just arrived Firgrove aboard 327 and will take out 304 in short order.

304 is on the roll eastbound.

The crew arrives Bell.

Where they take Track 4.

This allows them to drill the interchange tracks.

We see them off in the distance.

304 is crossing the junction.

On its approach to Nelson Yard.

Arriving Nelson.

Much later, we spot the same crew in Mount St. Helens.

They are now aboard Train 314.

Greg checks his throttle.

Then he turns for a snapshot.  A handsome crew they make!

Paul and Lela crew 318 out of Glen Hammond.

We catch them departing eastbound.

Once they arrive Craig Leigh, they will terminate 318 and board 303 westbound.

303 has work to do before departing the eastern terminus of the road.

Lela oversees the movements.

While Paul controls the locomotive.

Out from Nelson Yard, the crew is now aboard 313.

Off in the distance we spot Lela up in Bell.

With her colleague, Paul.

We turn our attention to our secondary railroad, the RP&M.

Moe has Train 65 heading upgrade in Rat Portage.

He surveys the area.

Coming in on the passing siding.

Moe has reached Bell and has already turned his locomotive.
He meets my RP&M train near the interchange tracks.

With his work at the interchange complete, Moe heads back onto RP&M rails.

Rounding the bend.

Moe switches out the sidings at Anderson.

Much later, we find him in Glen Hammond.

Earlier in the morning, my train, RP&M 70 has conducted it setouts and lifts in Glen Hammond and awaits clearance to proceed to Bellamy.

The siding at Bellamy requires work.

The short gondola is dropped.

I bring my locomotive back onto the main.

Then back onto my train.

Following clearance through the junction I head up to Rat Portage.

The weather is with me today.

I take the main and begin to run around my train as the flatcar in the consist must be spotted at a facing siding.

I've isolated the car.

And take it up into the yard.

Where it will be spotted at Hamer Mfg.

Set-out complete.

Time to head back onto the train.

Through Pratt's Bottom.

I turn my locomotive at Bell.

Where I meet my RP&M colleague, Moe.

I park my caboose to begin my work here.

Then it's downgrade back to Rat.

Arriving the depot in Rat Portage.

Having crossed the junction tracks I switch out Cote Bottling.

The two yellow cars were my lifts from Cote Bottling and the white reefer is to be dropped.

I arrive in Nelson Yard.

Where I find Henk and George relaxing in the shade.

With my work complete...'s time to head to bed!

Almost tucked in.

That's better.

The lads continue to look on!

I spot the ore train heading eastward at Mercer Siding.

Crossing the junction.

Then into its approach to Nelson Yard.  Bob and Stacy look on.

I've always love the perfect nature of parallel railroad tracks.

Bob works on his caboose.

Before he prepares to take off.

From the Northland Ore Dock.

What's this?  I see the head of the train, but its tail end continues far off in the distance beyond BLockhouse!

Lela and Greg follow the train's progress as it circumvents Nelson Yard.

What a cool sight!

Arriving Glen Hammond.

Looking good, Bob!

That sure is a "Long Train Running!"

Through the Glen.

Love the serpent like appearance.

Stacy and Bob once again look on as the train reaches Bell.

Passing through.

My RP&M train works downgrade as the ore train ascends the track above.


"The Ledges" is such a great railfan spot.


I say "au revoir" to the ore train as I descend into Pratt's Bottom.

The entire train is once again viewed in this image.

Brian can't believe his eyes as the ore train overtakes Firgrove!  Hehehe! did Bob manage to turn his locomotive and switch locations with the caboose!

Through the junction.

Nearing Nelson Yard.

Two ardent railfans check out the scene.

The ore train passes through the yard.

Through the big trestle.
Thanks to Bob for being so creative and making our day!

Bernie is all smiles in Craig Leigh.

Alongside Bob.

Bernie's shunter.

Brian has done a masterful job over in Firgrove.

With its busy yard at Ralph.

Looking down Ralph Yard.

Passenger equipment in Firgrove.

In sun and shade.

Brian continues to go about his work.

With his little engine that could.

Making up and breaking down trains.

A colourful critter too!

Looking good, Brian.

Never ending work.

Looking back the other way.

Way to go, Brian.

We investigate the environs around Nelson Yard.

The Fallentree Mine is a hive of hopper activity.

Which the Nelson Yard crew must switch out.  Why is it called the "Fallentree Mine?"

Simple...there once was a tree in this very location that had blown over in a severe storm.  In this Chris Lyon photo, we see the tree and the lads working the newly developing Nelson Yard.  In fact, the gentleman in the orange vest is the late Bud Nelson himself!  Thanks to Chris for snapping this great photograph.

Henk sent along this image of the "Fallen Tree" he had taken in April, 2011 after the storm felled it.  That must've been some wind!

Henk works the spur over the chasm.

Mackenzie Lumber.

Henk's locomotive.

Passing Blockhouse.

The man himself.

Henk and George have kept a clean yard once again.

Greg watches the ore train's progress on as Henk and George hold him in conversation.  Lela also follows the ore train in behind.

A check in on some rolling stock.  This interesting specimen was found in Ralph Yard.

Lots of goodies in Glen Hammond.

Including this one with red lipstick!

As always, thanks to our friendly neighbourhood dispatcher, Doug.  You keep things moving smoothly along.

Also, thanks to Lawrence who ensures the railroad runs up to snuff each week.

"I'll trade you a Wayne Gretzky for a Gordie Howe!"

Oh look, Mrs. Hamer arrived.

Three girls in one picture at the IPP&W!

Pete certainly enjoyed running the trains.

My Nova Scotia buddy, Pete and me.

Fred keeps everyone well informed and well entertained each week.
Thanks so much, Fred.  You are a host extraordinaire!
Have a great week everyone!  Mike Hamer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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