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Session #16 - Standard Gauge - September 15 - From the Lens of Many

September 15th's operations were of the standard gauge variety.
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I couldn't make it out to the session so Seanna, Steve, Pat and Doug snapped all of these great images and sent them my way.  The first batch are Seanna's and Steve's photos.

Our first three images are of her and Steve's lovely Algoma Central unit.
In this shot they are aboard 302 eastbound out of Bell at Watkins Siding.

Pat sent along three great looking videos of the action.  Check them out by pasting the links below into your web browser.!AlHEckxS5QtLghgoDYSl-U4aaAps!AlHEckxS5QtLghmSUOFhzp9HcFgH!AlHEckxS5QtLghth1jhKIe7KISam

We catch a beautiful Canadian Pacific road unit westbound at Ironwood.  
Pat and Doug have 301 residing on the station track most likely keeping the siding clear for an approaching freight train.

This CP unit works the eastern throat of Nelson Yard.

The lads enjoying the shade pre-ops.

Fred and Paul chat it up while Lela and Henk look on.

Our other Pat has his New York Central switcher working Spruce eastbound aboard 318 with Don as his crewmate.

Moments later Doug and Pat take the siding in Spruce.

With Pat now in Ironwood.

Two Pats to the Doug to the right.

302 accelerates out of the yard at Firgrove bound for Bell.

Chris and Lela enjoy their seats in the shade while other crews go about their business.
Paul, to the right, works Glen Hammond aboard 327.  He will depart shortly for Peter's Pond and points west.

Henk bends over to uncouple a car while George chats with Chris and Lela.

Steve has arrived Stuart Yard with 302.

Nelson Yard continues to make up trains for both railroads.

The crew of 318 appear to be busy in Ironwood.

Dispatcher Doug keeps the entire system running like a Swiss watch.

While Paul and Moe pull the consist of 327 forward of the west turnout to conduct some switching moves.

Paul is the Craig Leigh Yardmaster on this day.

With his beautiful Canadian Pacific locomotive.

He is working the east leg of the wye.

Shunting cars here and there.

Paul's (the other Paul) CN diesel sets out a car at the team track in Peter's Pond.

Doug has it "Made in the Shade" and, no, he's not a shady character...he's a great guy!

Seanna holds the siding at Watkins aboard 302.

Love the artsy shot of the power on the headend of 327 as it departs Peter's Pond.  Seanna and Steve sure find some great angles to work with!  

Pat is at the helm of 318 out of Spruce.

Bound for Ironwood.

Our other Pat has given Pat the siding.

That's "Two Pats on the Back" for teamwork from Pat squared.

Brian is the Firgrove yardmaster today.

Nelson Yard sees a flurry of activity as the yard crews are busy assembling the trains for the RP&M crews who await in the crew lounge for their assignment.  CP and CN work side by side on this railroad.

George's CN switcher is up to the job.

Meanwhile 302 has arrived Peter's Pond and the crew is heading up the Cedar Rock branch as I write this.

It's a long uphill struggle.

But the Algoma Central Geep handles the grade without a worry in the world.

Later, 302 is given its green to proceed through the junction where trackage is shared.

The crew aboard 302 arrived Nelson Yard safely where they were given a new train to continue their eastward journey.

They are now aboard Train 312 out from Nelson Yard.

312 arrives Craig Leigh where it will terminate its run.

Pat has his train now up in Cedar Rock.
Thankfully he has found some shade on this hottest of mornings.

We catch up with 314 much later in the day in Ironwood.

The crew is on its third run of the day.

The heat is getting more intense as the morning wears on.

Fred hosts a gaggle of operators in the lounge.

Aha...a meet!

319 is the "going away" train and the train coming towards us in an extra making a short hop back to home base.

This is Pat's latest acquisition, a CP RS3 with a trailing gondola.

319 passes through Spruce.

Then terminates in Glen Hammond.  A great big "Thank You" to Seanna and Steve for the amazing pics which they were willing to share with us.

The Nelson Yard crew have done a superb job keeping the yard well organized.
These next few images were sent my way by Pat.

This eight-legged railfan has a great perch which offers a superb view of the junction of the two railroads.

A crewmate offers up a big hello!

Doug and Pat are finishing up their work in the pond before continuing westward aboard Train 311.  They began their day aboard 301 and now are on their second run.

311 ducks under Mount St. Helens.

Don has joined us again and he is running 318/303/313 with Pat.
Great to have you back with us, Don!

Pat and Doug return to Glen Hammond from Firgrove on their third run aboard 328.  We spot them departing Bell for Peter's Pond.

Fred, Chris, Doug and George hang out in the lounge.

Here's Pat!

328...downgrade at Watkins.

Pat's unit running light back home.

Conquering the grade between Blockhouse and Spruce.
Thanks, Pat for the great pics.

Doug also was able to snap some great images of the action for me.
He realized when he got home that his camera was inadvertently placed on a low-light setting.  Not to worry, Doug.  It's still fun posting some of the pics of the crews in action even though they appear a bit light-headed!  Hehehe.

I've taken a number of shots in the past by reaching into my pocket to pull out my "point and shoot" camera only to have the little dial be moved without me knowing...been there...done that!  We catch Pat and Don in Ironwood with Train 303, their second run of the morning.

George and Henk have all well in control while Pat prepares to depart the yard with 311.

Paul and Moe discuss their moves in Peter's Pond.

Brian makes the short run down to Bell from Firgrove.  This is the Train 20/12 Bell Hop.

Lela has her RP&M train working the interchange tracks at Bell.

George concentrates on his yard movements.

Hi Don!

Mentor Henk sharing years and years and years of valuable knowledge and expertise with his partner in Nelson Yard.

The Lyon clan were RP&M employees on this day.

 Yes, the heat has risen and it's time for a break in the action for Pat.
Thanks, Doug, for that bunch of really cool looking shots!

 Our final photo of the day comes from Seanna and Steve once again.  Thanks, Fred, as always!  Have a great week everyone and we'll see you next Saturday when we fire up those steam locomotives and the rails along the IPP&W and RP&M railroads once again see a flurry of action.  All the best!  Mike Hamer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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