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Session #7 Afternoon Operations During Invasion of Friends Meet Friday, July 13th

During our afternoon session of Friday the 13th, folks were able to sign up for trains while the thermometer began to rise.

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The relaxed afternoon schedule gave Bernie the opportunity to sneak out from his role as Craig Leigh yardmaster and run a train of his own.

His mixed train is descending the grade out of Spruce on its westward journey.

The big locomotive gets some "stretching" time as well.

Passengers are enjoying the countryside.

Arrival at Glenn Hammond.

Bernie ensures that his train is tucked into bed.

Moe runs 327 from Glenn Hammond to Firgrove.

We find him at the end of the Cedar Rock Branch out from Peter's Pond.

Switching out the facing sidings.

There's the handsome lad.

Heading past Bruce's sludge facility.

That's a lovely locomotive, Moe.

Arriving Bell.

Doug has 301 out of Craig Leigh.

His tail end snakes through the last few turnouts.

He's arrived Peter's Pond.

To find Lawrence holding the main to the east with a passenger run.

In Spruce.

With that large breathing beast.

Passing the depot.

Holding the main for a meet.

With Train 312.

Later, we spot Doug up in Cedar Rock.

Ed and I am bringing 302 down from Firgrove.

302 arrives Watkins to the left.  Note the lovely passenger run to the right.

302 arrives Nelson Yard.

Where the train will turn into 312 as it continues on its eastbound journey.

Through the big trestle outside of Nelson Yard.

Coming into Ironwood.

Terminating at Craig Leigh.

We find Jim much later at Bell.

His lovely caboose.

Creating a tunnel entrance for a westbound.

Jim's at Mercer Siding.

With that lovely locomotive of his.

Approaching the junction.

Arriving Glenn Hammond.

Much later in Spruce.

Switching out the trailing sidings.

About to depart Spruce.

The ore train arrives Peter's Pond.

With a string of empties.

Departing Nelson Yard.

Passing Blockhouse.

Lawrence gets his steam locomotive out for a test run.

Departing the passenger terminal in Craig Leigh.

Past the icing platform.

Outbound at Douglas Yard.

Rounding the curve into Northland.

A close-up view.

Station stop in Mount St. Helens.

Towards Ironwood.

Past Ironwood Brick.

Arriving the depot in Ironwood.

About to tackle the grade to the west of Blockhouse.

My wife, Lisa, arrives with my buddy, Bill.

Relaxing in the lounge.

With Diane.

Hey...there's Gaetan and Nicole in back talking with Ric.

So great to see them as well.

Too much fun!

Lisa and Bill.

Diane enjoys the shade while Gaetan and Ed have a chat.

Paul, Sue and Jim relax at the table.

Fred and Paul enjoy some table talk.

It's also great to see Neil arrive.

A great discussion with much sharing of stories and tall tales.

Rolling stock review.  This loaded flatcar was found in Douglas Yard at Craig Leigh.

Some nice billboard reefers up in Cedar Rock.

A few...

...great names...

...for railroads!

A caboose...

...and another...means that it is nearing the time to end this post on the afternoon session from Friday.

Later that evening, Bernie and his lovely wife, Jill, invited our guests over to his home for a BBQ dinner.  Don and I enjoy a wee drink.  Don is enjoying ARDBEG UIGEADAIL.

Friends gather round.

To share some further camaraderie.

Thank you, Jill, for the lovely evening!

Thank you, Bernie, as well.  That's Bernie's favourite engine on a great work of art Jill commissioned as a surprise for Bernie.

Finally, thank you, Fred, for a great day of train ops!
Fred is enjoying Laphroig 10.
Check in later for the report from Saturday's session.
Mike Hamer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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